Best Chairs For Gaming

Best Chairs For Gaming

The best chairs for gaming aren’t, despite what everyone thinks, the flashiest-looking chairs you can get for the room. The factors that make a chair the best is actually just how comfortable you’ll be sitting in one, the ergonomics, the sturdiness of the chair, as well as about the reliability and its longevity.

In fact, a great gaming chair is a purchase you’ll only have to make a few times in your life. The best chairs can last years of use and abuse, but they also cost significantly more than regular gaming chairs. Therefore, it’s important to research every aspect of these chairs before settling on the right one for yourself.

Important Features of the Best Chairs for Gaming

Adjustable Headrests

Headrests are absolutely necessary for long hours of gameplay. The best gaming chairs have adjustable headrests that you can recline or tilt on all sides, so you can always stay at eye level with your screen.

Adjustable Armrests

For any active gamer, adjustable armrests are a mandatory. Great gaming chairs can be adjusted to fit a person’s wrists and elbows so they can play for a long time without their arms getting tired.

Adjustable Height

Gaming chairs with adjustable height allow the user to keep their eyes on the screen table, the elbows at a 90-degree angle to the desk, and the knees to bed perfectly while reaching the floor. This makes the adjustability of the chair’s height an indispensable part of a gaming chair.

Back and Lumber Support

If you look at a few samples, you can find that the best chairs have a stiff skeleton back that can perfectly support a person’s healthy posture. Instead of a straight back, the backs of gaming chairs come with multiple curves so anyone can fit perfectly into them.


The right material is also quite important for the best gaming chair. It needs to be breathable so that sufficient air passes between the material, making sitting for long periods of time comfortable. Some chairs for gaming also have washable material that you can clean easily.

After everything else, the design, the color, and the chair’s overall appearance are also important factors.

Best Chairs for Gaming

Here are some of the best gaming chairs that cater to all the important features that these chairs should ideally have.

1.   AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Adjustable Mechanisms

Almost massive in size, this gaming chair from AKRacing comes with a wide metal frame and can accommodate 400 lbs. in weight. Almost everything on this chair is adjustable, from the headrest to the height.

Both armrests of the chair can be adjusted in all four directions, including up and down, in and out, back and forth, and can even be rotated. The adjustability of the armrests makes it an absolutely pleasant experience for the user as they can move their arms in all directions whilst staying comfortable.

The wide seat of the chair is spacious, and the metal frame of the chair is covered in high-density foam that completely molds to the users’s body, adding maximum comfort. The chair also comes with two lumber support pillows, one for the neck and another for the lower back.

As far as gaming chairs go, the AKRacing Masters Max gaming chair is one of the best options there are for dedicated gamers.

2.   ZUNMOS Home Gaming Ergonomic Office Chair

For a more affordable choice, this height-adjustable chair from ZUNMOS is ergonomically designed to fit every unexpected curve of the human body perfectly. The back is designed especially for comfort during long gaming or work hours.

The ZUNMOS home gaming chair can be tilted significantly to give you a more relaxed feeling or even used for gentle rocking. The soft foam is underneath the premium quality PU leather makes long hours sitting on the chair as comfortable as possible.

The wide seating can hold up to 250 lbs. in weight, with 360° nylon wheels that can move smoothly without making a sound or scratching up your floors.

3.   RAZOR Enki X Essential Gaming Chair

Sleek, slim, and elegant in all black, the RAZOR ENKI X ESSENTIAL chair has been designed purposefully for all-day gaming. The 54-cm seat is wide enough to spend long periods of time sitting without discomfort, while the 110° shoulder arches are also wide enough to be immensely comfortable in.

The built-in lumber arch and the ergonomic design of the back perfectly supports a person’s body for long hours without making them uncomfortable, and the soft padded cushioning on the seat makes it absolute blessing for those long sessions. The chair is also covered with a eco-friendly synthetic leather and plush textured fabric, which gives the user a premium feel.

A reclinable back support with a high headrest –is yet another important feature of this affordable and specially-designed gaming chair.

4.   X Razor 24K 2.1 BT Floor Rocker

The X Razor 24K Floor Rocker is completely different from most of the gaming/office chairs available in the market. While the other more formal chairs are height-adjustable for desks, this is a floor rocker chair that’s sits closer to the ground.

Perfect for gamers, this chair comes with a built-in mounted speakers inside the high headrest and mounted subwoofers in the backrest, giving the most serious gamers an immersive and dedicated environment to play their favorite games in. The chair is compatible with most gaming consoles and streaming devices that connect wirelessly, making this chair a perfect place to spend your leisure hours.

In a gorgeous black and gold color combination, this is a great gaming chair for rocking, reclining and spending long hours in.

5.   OFM Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

This is another affordable but spectacular option for gaming chairs from OFM that can hold up to 275 lbs. in weight. In multiple gorgeous shades of color, this gaming chair comes with an adjustable height, contoured padding to fit every single curve of your back, providing quality support for hours.

The armrests can be flipped up and adjusted according to the gamer’s comfort, and the 20.75-inch seat is spacious enough for everyone. The 360° swivel wheels make it easier to move around without actually getting up from the chair, made comfortable by the soft leather covering and inside padding.

6.   CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

Everything about this gaming chair from  CORSAIR screams elegance. In its soft colors, this comfortable chair for gamers comes with an adjustable neck cushion, a sturdy steel frame, and a height-adjustable back support. The 4D armrests can be tilted, adjusted in any direction, and swiveled for maximum comfort and accessibility.

Covered by a thick layer of polyethylene, the lumber support is protected by a memory foam that ensures long hours of sitting without any discomfort.

7.   RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Gaming Chair

The RESPAWN RSP-900 gaming chair is something else when it comes to the perfect chair for gamers. Slightly more expensive than the average gaming chair, this one feels nearly oversized, with spacious seating that can hold up to 275 lbs. in weight.

The removable headrest is plush and comfortable, and the armrests have a built-in cupholder for your drinks. As an added bonus, the RESPAWN RSP-900 comes with an extendable footrest so that you can recline completely and relax before getting ready for hours of fun with your friends.

The back of the chair can be reclined up to 135°, and the chair comes with a 360° swivel for easy movement.


When it comes to the best gaming chairs, there are a lot of features that should be included in the one you choose, especially if you want to make your gaming hours as comfortable as possible. Since this is a chair that every gamer plans to spend long hours in, a great gaming chair also needs to be ergonomically designed so that every gamer can spend hours in it without feeling any discomfort or any harm coming to their back or their spine.

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