Is Built In Motherboard WiFi Good

Is Built in Motherboard WiFi Good?

Over the past decade, WiFi has become a ubiquitous and irreplaceable part of our everyday lives. If you are building a new computer and need WiFi functionality, you have to ask the question, “Is built in motherboard WiFi Good?“, and here is the answer.

Most of the time, a built-in WiFi antenna on your motherboard will do its job just fine. It is comparable to PCIe wireless cards and, most of the time, much better than a USB WiFi adapter. But keep in mind that WiFi is always significantly slower and less stable than an Ethernet connection. So, you should only use built-in Wifi if you do not have the option to use Ethernet.

is built in motherboard WiFi good? Is it worth the extra cost or should you just save your money by not paying for the extra option if you don’t need it? You can learn more about this topic by reading the text down below.

Is Built in Motherboard WiFi Good?

Built in motherboard WiFi is one of those things that you either can’t live without because it is the only way that you can go online or do not even think about when buying a motherboard. If you are one of those people who do not need WiFi inside their desktop computer and use Ethernet, keep doing so.

But if the router in your house is in another room and there is no way for you to run the Ethernet cable to your PC, then WiFi is your only other option. While WiFi is quite a bit slower and less stable than an Ethernet connection, it is still much better than no Internet in the first place.

You may or may not be able to play online games with WiFi. It all depends on how good your router WiFi as well as your Internet connection and computer placement. But does the quality of your WiFi receiver inside your desktop matter? Is built in motherboard WiFi good?

If you are buying a brand-new motherboard that has built in WiFi, it will probably come with the latest WiFi standards to date and you will have the best speeds possible. And if your motherboard has an external antenna that boosts the WiFi signal, that makes it even better.

So, a motherboard that has been created recently will allow you to have a pretty solid connection. Built in motherboard WiFi will be good enough for most people as long as your router is not too far away. But what about other options like PCIe wireless cards and those WiFi USB adapters?

When it comes to PCIe wireless cards, they are again quite similar to your built in motherboard WiFi. The only difference is that you have the possibility to buy a wireless card with better WiFi technology than the one that comes built in, but then again you could buy a better PCIe wireless card to replace your built in WiFi as well.

And when it comes to WiFi USB adapters, they are not as good as built in WiFi or PCIe cards. Moreover, they are limited by the maximum bandwidth achievable on the USB interface.

The only downside to built in motherboard WiFi is that those motherboards tend to cost a bit extra and can be more expensive than PCIe cards sometimes. But if you are building an ITX PC, then built in WiFi is your only option as you do not have any additional PCIe slots to put a wireless card into.

And if you are buying a high-end motherboard and the built in WiFi is just an additional feature, then it is welcome. Nonetheless, everyone should use Ethernet if possible.


Built in motherboard WiFi is a great feature that many can’t live without. If you can use Ethernet to get to the Internet, that’s great, but if not, a PCIe wireless card, USB WiFi adapter, or built in WiFi are your only options. 

Built in WiFi is very convenient, easy to use, and works well. Just make sure that your router is near your computer. And if a better WiFi standard comes out, you can always get a PCIe card to upgrade your WiFi.

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