Motherboard With UEFI

Best Motherboard With UEFI

The legendary BIOS software and hardware setup was responsible for the operation of connected peripherals and hardware during startup. The software also carried information regarding the frequency of CPU, time and date settings, and others. UEFI is a more advanced version of BIOS firmware.

UEFI or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface is a firmware (software) embedded in hardware. Other software including hard drives, GPU, or SSDs may also carry the firmware. A UEFI motherboard can handle drives going up to 2.2 TB or even more.

The theoretical limit for the UEFI motherboard may be up to 9.4 Zeta Bytes. They also have a better setup menu when compared to older BIOS and provide for faster boot-ups.

Improvements can also be seen in areas including slicker screens, better graphics, and better cursor support. Therefore, the UEFI motherboards ensure that a computer can boot up fast and properly.

If your motherboard is new and is purchased in the last 2 years only, it is most likely to support UEFI. All computer brands are transitioning from the older BIOS to the new UEFI. Intel has already removed the BIOS files from its business website.

You can also find the information on whether your system is BIOS or UEFI by checking this “system information” section of the computer where it will specifically say UEFI for the BIOS mode.

There are many computers and systems that are coming with UEFI firmware and upgrade nowadays. Read the article and go through the information given below to find out the best motherboards having the next generation UEFI software and technology.

Top 5 Best Motherboard With UEFI

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1. Asus X570-R Prime

The X570 Prime R motherboard with UEFI from Asus has the best cooling options and is equipped with the latest and acclaimed UEFI firmware. The keyboard can offer customizable performance with 3 AM4 processing units and Ryzen 2. It also supports USB 3 and can deliver the greatest transfer speed.

If you are looking for a high-performance machine, the X570 R motherboard can offer more bandwidth along with RAID support. The PCIe 4 chip can offer more bandwidth that ensuring a faster flowing of data.

It also has a cool heat sink that can prevent throttling for long-duration transfer. The motherboard is also a good choice if you are looking for connection flexibility and fast speed for even sustained data transfers (up to 10 Gbps).

The UEFI and Fan Xpert contribute to efficient cooling. The motherboard carries the RGB headsets and provides for complete lighting. There are many presets available for the external LEDs as well.


  • High flexibility with connections.
  • Fast data transfer rate.
  • Lighting and support for LEDs.
  • One of the best performances in its class.


  • You may have to download certain software to ensure compatibility.
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2. Gigabyte 3 D Bios

The Gigabyte 3D BIOS has a patent pending for it. It has the exclusive DualBIOS Technology for its UEFI to offer multiple interaction moves. It is for the mainstream users as well as for the enthusiasts and offers many graphical interfaces that may fulfill the power requirements.

The 3D motherboards from Gigabyte have a more user-friendly environment. It carries a more illustrative graphical user interface through which users can make important adjustments to the UEFI settings.

It culminates in more optimum performance. Even casual or novice users can use the intuitive interface to customize their motherboard and gain more knowledge on its working and functionality.

3D BIOS motherboard excels even when you want to have good control over the hardware during its overclocking. The motherboard offers you supreme color imaging and the best mouse navigation features as well.

It is one of the few motherboards to offer you features including backup BIOS recovery. The motherboard’s benefits extend to include good cooling capacity as well as support for the best and latest Intel CPU.


  • Offers exclusive dual BIOS Technology.
  • Multiple interactions and customization mode for the users.
  • Superior cooling capacity and effective heat sink.
  • Support for the best Intel CPU.


  • Some users and people will find it to be costly.
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3. Asus ROG XIII Maximus

The Asus ROG Maximus XIII extreme is one of the priciest UEFI motherboards available. However, the best-performing motherboard also offers you the best features to make the price reasonable.

You can derive the maximum performance out of even 10th or 11th generation Intel core processors by using the Asus XIII Extreme. The motherboard also offers you an evolved artificial intelligence feature and assistance. It provides benefits in areas including cooling, overclocking, noise cancellation, and networking.

A slew of customization and personalization options are available to the users when they choose Asus ROG Maximus XIII. The motherboard offers features including RGB lighting and aura sync RGB headers.

The motherboard can offer efficient cooling resources as well through its advanced UEFI and enlarged heat sinks. There are a total of 5 M2 heat sinks along with a water cooling zone.

Apart from an extensive list of features, the Maximus also has excellent aesthetics. It has a colored OLED panel and the RGB elements for extensive lighting. The GIF display can also be customized. It offers premium audio with Japanese capacitors and has 10 USB ports.


  • One of the best UEFI motherboards for gaming enthusiasts, as it can offer exceptional performance with the latest generation Intel processor.
  • One of the few motherboards to offer the latest features such as artificial intelligence aided noise cancellation and better audio fidelity.
  • Offers good aesthetic value. The motherboard invites the gamers not only through performance and features but also through its appealing presence.


  • A costly option.
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4. MSI Z490 MEG Godlike

Just like Asus Maximus, the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike also supports the latest and advanced 10th and 11th generation Intel Core processor while costing less than the former. It also supports dual-channel memory to improve performance.

The MSI Z490 offers particularly high transfer rates through its double-sided shield Frozr and triple-turbo technology. The data transfer speeds can easily go up to 40 Gbps through its thunderbolt ports. The motherboard also supports a 4K display.

The UEFI software ensures good boot-up speeds, faster performance, and more customization. It also supports faster cooling. The heat sink has been designed with the active-cooling feature and is loaded with double bearings. The MOSFET back-plates are also included in the package. They improve the heat dissipation rate.

The motherboard has one of the best user interfaces. It is much more responsive and smoother than its other counterparts. It offers a whole range of customization options as well including the adjustment of fan settings.

You can overclock with this motherboard easily and can extract maximum performance out of your machine and CPU.


  • One of the most intuitive UEFI bios that offer good stability.
  • An extensive list of features including the OLED display.
  • Expander cards are bundled with the package.
  • One of the fastest LAN connections at 10 Gigabyte.


  • Pricier than many other options available.
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5. Asus P8Z77 V

The Asus LK- P8Z77-V motherboard is a powerhouse that can help you build a good system. The UEFI-equipped motherboard runs well with all kinds of Intel processors up to the third generation. It is also one of the few motherboards that allow you to overclock the performance of the CPU.

If you are concerned about voltages and want precision power, the Asus P8Z777 is one of the worthwhile options. It optimizes voltages and reduces waste through its accurate delivery. You can also adjust the CPU voltages for the different overclocking scenarios. The UEFI tuning is much better than the legendary BIOS performance and provides for more accurate inputs.

Another important benefit of the motherboard is its power-saving feature. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Suite not only ensures a smooth operational experience but provides for power saving as well in all conditions. The software and the feature can moderate the power consumption by detecting the load of the PC.

The UEFI supports the largest of hard drives, which may even go beyond 2.2 TB in the 64-bit operating systems. There is also an EZ move that will provide you with information regarding what is assessed frequently. You can also maneuver the system’s performance settings and boost your performance through the advanced mode.


  • The new UEFI boosts performance.
  • Effective power-saving mode for optimal functioning.
  • Precision power guidance and voltage optimization.
  • High performance and more affordable option that fulfills the requirements of the majority of the uses today as well.


  • May not be as supportive of the latest and higher Intel processor range.
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A UEFI motherboard possesses many exclusive and distinct benefits. It has a much higher space limit and boots up much faster. Apart from the graphical and other improvements, it also has the secure boot feature. It can check for the malware during the boot-up.

The advanced motherboard also carries networking features, which can provide for remote problem solving, troubleshooting, and configuration. The UEFI motherboards listed above offer you a range of exciting features, customization, heat sink, overclocking benefits, lighting along with premium aesthetics.

The new technology enhances your computer experience and makes gaming immersive through superior audio and video. The cheaper options listed are also worthwhile and can offer a good bang for your buck.

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